"Darth Vader stood on the command bridge of the Mustafar control center, hand of durasteel clasping hand of flesh behind him, and gazed up through the transparisteel view wall at the galaxy he would one day rule.
He paid no attention to the litter of corpses around his feet.
He could feel his power growing, indeed. He had the measure of his “Master” already; not long after Palpatine shared the secret of Darth Plagueis’s discovery, their relationship would undergo a sudden … transformation.
A fatal transformation.
Everything was proceeding according to plan."

Darth Vader

"The hand on his shoulder was human. The face … wasn’t. The eyes were cold and feral yellow, and they gleamed like those of a predator lurking beyond a fringe of firelight; the bone around those feral eyes had swollen and melted and flowed like durasteel spilled from a fusion smelter, and the flesh that blanketed it had gone corpse-gray and coarse like rotten synthplast.
Stunned with horror, stunned with revulsion, Anakin could only stare at the creature. At the shadow.
Looking into the face of the darkness, he saw his future."

Anakin Skywalker

"Within the public office of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, a last Jedi Master battled alone, blade-to-blade, against a living shadow.
Sinking into Vaapad, Mace Windu fought for his life. More than his life: with each whirl of blade and whipcrack of lightning was a strike in defense of democracy, of justice and peace, of the rights of ordinary beings to live their own lives in their own ways. He was fighting for the Republic that he loved."

Jedi Master Mace Windu

"Palpatine gazed upon him, loving and gentle as he had ever been, though only a whisker shy of a lightsaber’s terminal curve. And what if this face was not a mask? What if the true face of the Sith was exactly what he saw before him: a man who cared for him, had helped him, had been his loyal friend when he’d thought he had no other? What then?"

Anakin Skywalker

"You may have noticed that I have a certain gift for getting my way."

Chancellor PalpatineĀ 

"He had watched young Skywalker for some time and was now convinced he had been right about the boy. He would become very useful in the future. Darth Sidious folded his hands in contentment and smiled grimly."

David Sherman - Jedi Trial